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01 About me

I write crazy stories.

Some are absurd, some are eerie, and some are a mix of the two. You'll find me loitering at the intersection of Amusing and Alarming.

I was editor of the Hugo Award-winning podcast StarShipSofa. My internet persona is Fredösphere. My family and I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I love alternate history, coming of age tales, science fiction, and people having close brushes with the transcendent.

02 Reviews

The Devil's Dictum


"seamlessly mixes satire, action, history, insanity, and political intrigue to create a tight little genre all its own"

Tom Mollison, Castalia House

The Best Workout

(Cisova Magazine)

"The imagination that went into this was great and if there really was a gym like this, I’d absolutely be a regular."

-Tara Grímravn, Tangent


(Analog Science Fiction and Fact)

"Fingers Nails It. has the flow of a classic horror story, but with a fresh take on a monster."

-Garrison Kammer,

Halloween Love


Ronald Reagan's Brilliant Bullet


" Funny adventure satire? Comic sci-fi cape stuff? A right leaning alt-history love letter? Whatever it is, it’s great."

-Tom Mollison

The Devil's Dictum


"This is one of the most unusual, original and creative books I’ve read in a long,

long time."


You Shall See Him in the East


"...provides an interesting outsider’s look at Christian themes."

-Victoria Silverwolf, Tangent

Dear Son

(Every Day Fiction)

"I laughed aloud, then I felt uneasy, and now I must think. Well done."

-Robyn Bradshaw

The Tithe (Mysterion)

A "character-driven story with a wonderfully unexpected twist at the end."

-Kevin P Hallett, Tangent



Every Day Fiction

"Dear Son"

A sci-fi tale of a domineering parent with way too much biotech at his disposal. Starts out sentimental, turns absurd, finishes disturbing.


Kindle Direct

The Devil's Dictum
It looks like alternate history but it's really a political farce... The U.S. is founded by pirates. Calvin Coolidge is a private eye, J. Edgar Hoover is a satanist high priest, and Richard Nixon is the pilot of a giant armored robot.

Liberty Island Magazine

"All those Bulging Bellies"

Every author has one pregnant man story inside them. This one's mine.


Liberty Island Magazine

"Somethig Unburiable"

2nd Place, Trigger Warning Contest
She's the Chancellor of Germany but she's definitely not Angela Merkel. However, she's definitely exhuming the corpse Friedrich Nietzsche on Halloween.

Even by my standards, this is a weird one.


Planetary: Venus

"The Rocket Raising"

An Amish romance. In space.

Cirsova Magazine

"The Best Workout"

In the grand tradition of pulp fiction, a loincloth-clad hero confronts beats and men in a battle for survival. In a virtual-reality gym.


Science Fiction & Fact


What if you tried to go off grid but the grid wouldn't let you? A family of "refusers" moves to the woods but the "fingers" follow them. A sci-fi tale with the soul of a horror story.


"The City Above the Shelf"

A Lovecraft-inspired tale about monsters and the hideous, murderous, demon-worshiping fishmen who fear them.



"You Shall See Him in the East"

Washington DC goes nuts over a very tall visitor.

Kindle Direct

Ronald Reagan's Brilliant Bullet

The Cold War just as you don't remember it.

Jet packs. Ray guns. Rushmore animatronics.


Uncanny Valley: A Science Fiction Anthology

"Cylinder 7551"

What if the Cold War was a race, not about arms, but something much more personal. Join Mikhail Gorbachev as he tries to save the one thing in the Kremlin he really cares about.



"The Tithe"

Sister's god is very demanding. She, of all the people on her planet, can fulfill the god's demands...or can she? Another sci-fi tale with the soul of a horror story.

Kindle Direct

Buckingham Runner

I'm sixteen years old and I live in a prison. It's called Buckingham Palace. I'm Alfred, Prince of Wales. I'm doing a runner.

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Thanks for your interest in my fiction. I'd love to hear from you.

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